Parasites in the human body: treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies for getting rid of parasites

Parasitosis is one of the most common diseases that occurs at any age, regardless of gender. Especially often infection occurs in children in the warm season. The risk group also includes people who come into contact with homeless animals and do not follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Helminths are initially found in the gastrointestinal tract, already being formed, worms can penetrate through the intestinal mucosa into the liver, lungs and even the brain, moving through the circulatory system.


The presence of parasites will be indicated by several main symptoms of infection, but there are also remote signs as a result of the activity of worms. An infected person may develop diseases that are not associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Typical symptoms:

  • active weight loss, while the appetite only improves, the person eats a lot;
  • fatigue, apathy, causeless irritability;
  • problems with memory and concentration, absent-mindedness;
  • muscle weakness and pain.

There are various helminths that can cause other disorders. For example, giardia provoke problems with the digestive tract, pork tapeworm gives a sharp weight loss, roundworms lead to allergic manifestations and even bronchial asthma. Worms transmitted from cats (liver fluke) give symptoms such as soreness in the liver, high body temperature.

Important!For a child's body, infection with helminths is especially dangerous, since the child still has weak immune defenses, and they multiply and spread throughout the body quite quickly.

It is also important to take into account the fact that the child's stomach is smaller, but the worms grow in the same way, because there is a strong stretching of the organ, they can completely occupy it, which has extremely unpleasant consequences.

In a child, helminthiasis will be indicated by poor sleep, irritability, loss of appetite(when worms fill the stomach), fatigue, indigestion. These are typical signs for the presence of ascaris or Giardia in a child's body.

The body of an adult already has a set of enzymes that partially protect against infection. They are in the mouth, which becomes a significant barrier to the penetration of larvae.

Worth knowing!Patients develop a severe allergic reaction in response to infection.

Worms negatively affect the immune defense, the protective mechanism decreases, the function of the liver and the entire digestive tract is disturbed. An infected person becomes susceptible to various seasonal infectious diseases, colds, flu and others. The treatment of these pathologies already requires more effort and a long time.

There is a division of parasites into species, there are intestinal and extraintestinal. The former enter the gastrointestinal tract and multiply there, but the extraintestinal ones spread in the muscles, liver, heart, lungs, under the skin and other organs. The latter are very dangerous, since they can get anywhere with the bloodstream, disrupting the functioning of any organ.

Roundworms, pinworms, toxocara (intestinal) give the following manifestations:

  • allergic rash, acne, acne on the face and throughout the body;
  • fragility of hair and nails;
  • the appearance of papillomas, various types of warts;
  • seborrhea and roughness of the skin.

Often, protruding papillomas begin to appear in people with the presence of helminths on the body. Other manifestations of infection include progressive weight loss, bad taste and bad breath. The patient begins to sleep anxiously, waking up in the middle of the night.

In severe cases, worms can provoke cardiovascular diseases, benign and malignant tumors.They can provoke seizures of epilepsy, symptoms of diabetes. There may be grinding of the teeth at night, but this does not prove the presence of the disease.

Attention!The human liver is especially negatively affected by the liver fluke, which leads to a strong inflammatory process of the organ. When infected, a blockage of the liver duct occurs, which at the same time negatively affects the vascular system.

It is dangerous that in the initial stages the disease may not manifest itself in any way, but when its pathogens grow up, a vivid clinical picture of the disease is already visible. Quite often, a person turns to the wrong specialist, because worms cause various pathologies, which hides the true cause of the ailment.

The liver fluke can give the following symptoms:

  • high body temperature up to 39 degrees;
  • dermatological manifestations in the form of a rash, redness of the skin;
  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • an increase in the liver is observed when the organ is felt;
  • dyspeptic manifestations, diarrhea followed by constipation.

Without treatment, a person's condition gradually worsens, the symptoms increase, and already dangerous signs of a serious infection appear. The patient develops insomnia, irritability, nervousness, unreasonable loss of strength. There is also marked pain in the abdomen and back, biliary colic. Often, infection is accompanied by such a manifestation as the formation of cysts of internal organs.

The most common set of signs of infection:

  • violation of bowel function against the background of large sizes of helminths, which can lead to obstruction;
  • constipation, which is the result of blockage of some parts of the intestine;
  • diarrhea that occurs when helminths eliminate substances such as chloride and sodium, while they do not leave the body with feces;
  • bloating, soreness, as a result of the accumulation of worms in the upper intestine;
  • itching in the anus, nocturnal tremor is a mandatory symptom of pinworm infection.
Pain and bloating - symptoms of the presence of worms in the intestines

Treatment with folk remedies

Alternative medicine recipes do not have quality assurance, but they have been tested for years and millions of people who have encountered a problem. Home treatment methods are aimed primarily at improving the general condition of a person, and only then at eliminating the cause of the disease, if possible.

Important to rememberthat any folk remedy can adversely affect health and further aggravate the existing disease, therefore, before treatment, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Traditional medicine recommends starting treatment with a change in diet, which is also confirmed by doctors. It is necessary to increase the amount of foods such as pomegranate, pepper, garlic, onion, grapefruit, pumpkin seeds and apple cider vinegar in the diet.

Traditional medicine recipes are effective in the early period of infection, when the spread of helminths in the body has not yet occurred. It should also be noted that fasting is not a cure, in this way you cannot get rid of parasites, but you can come to the exhaustion of the body, which can no longer cope with worms.

To get rid of worms, pharmacy preparations should be used in parallel with folk remedies.There are so-called anthelmintic products, which should be considered as treatment and prevention.

Effective traditional medicine:

  1. Aloe vera- the plant promotes peristalsis, is a natural antibacterial agent, destroys allergens;
  2. Anise- together with a laxative, it will help relieve intestinal spasm, for cooking you need 3 small spoons of the plant, pour 150 ml of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes;
  3. Angelica- the plant eliminates muscle pain, but the remedy is contraindicated for pregnant women and people with diabetes;
  4. Barberry- for cooking, you need to brew 3 grams of the root or 2 teaspoons of berries per 150 ml of water, boil for 15 minutes, then drink 2 times a day;
  5. Baking soda- you need to dissolve a quarter of a teaspoon in water and drink before going to bed;
  6. Elecampaneis a natural digestive stimulant that helps to cope with indigestion.

It is also effective to use cat's claw, capsicum, coconut, calendula for treatment. Carrots, for example, are an affordable method for getting rid of pinworms in young children. You need to eat some grated carrots daily on an empty stomach.

But garlic is the most effective and well-known anthelmintic. It destroys more than 20 types of parasites. For a therapeutic effect, it is enough to eat a clove of garlic with meals.

Damage to the human body by parasites requiring treatment


Troychatka includes several components that actively fight helminths. These are walnut, wormwood, cloves.

The cloves need to be finely chopped. From walnuts you will need the green shell of a young plant. It is necessary to grind the product (about 15 pieces) and pour 0. 5 liters of alcohol. Insist for a month. Wormwood for cooking must be dried, then chopped in a blender.

Clove seeds boost immunity and kill worms. On the first day, you need to take 1/5 teaspoon, then increase the dose to 2/5, from the third day you need to use a full spoon.

Wormwood powder should be consumed on the first day 1 pinch, washed down with plenty of water. The following days, the dose is increased by 1 pinch.

Nut tincture should be consumed on the first day in the amount of 1 drop per 100 ml of water, then the dose is increased by 1 drop daily.

The approximate course of treatment is 14 days.

When choosing treatments, it is important to remember that without a change in nutrition, the process can be delayed. To get rid of worms, you need to approach it comprehensively, using folk recipes, pharmacy products and following a diet.